Highland Dancing

(a.k.a. Highland Aerobics!)

On the left is one of several steps from the "Highland Fling" and on the right is the swing step from the "Seann Truibhas". Other Highland dances include the "Sword Dance", the "Scottish Lilt" and "Flora MacDonald's Fancy" as well as small group dances such as "Broadswords" and "Strathspey and Reel"s. Highland dancing requires concentration, physical fitness, endurance and an ear for the music.

Like bagpiping, it takes years of hard work to learn this art form and can only be learned properly from a competition proven instructor.

We are very fortunate to have the talents of Bonnie MacLeod. She has begun to teach out of our home in Portage.

If you might be interested in learning more about Highland Dancing or getting in touch with local dancers, please contact us.

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